French & Saunders – Art gallery

When it comes to comedy, there are certain people who just seem to have the unique gift of making us laugh. Some people may be good at telling a joke, others could do their own standup routine and still others play a brilliant part on a sitcom. In any case, it is their ability to make us laugh that keeps us coming back time and time again.

Although there have been many people who have had that ability, there are none that can hold a candle to Dawn French. It seems that she is just able to do anything and if she is on the stage or on the telly, she is going to have us laughing from the word go. This skit is no different. It has Dawn French teaming up with Jennifer Saunders and what they are able to do together is wonderful.

They play owners of an art gallery and they are preparing for a special event. I know that I’ve seen this pair of comedians together on many occasions but in this particular case, they seem to be doing a wonderful job of playing the part. It may be a little over the top but that is what makes it so funny.