The Vicar Takes The Funniest Walk Down The Aisle

There are many different things that we might remember from our life but perhaps one that we remember more than any other is the time that we walked down the wedding aisle. It just seems that the walk is perfect, and it is likely something that we have planned far in advance of the time that we actually do it.

When it was time for the vicar to walk down the wedding aisle, she also had plans but they weren’t from her. The members of the town came together to plan everything about her wedding, including the walk down the aisle. Of course, it all started when she got splashed with mud and had to wear her pajamas instead of a wedding dress but it just keeps getting funnier and funnier, the closer she gets to the altar.

Some people would get frustrated over these types of problems as it might just ruin the day in their mind. If we learn to laugh at issues when they come up, however, it becomes much easier to deal with life on a day-to-day basis.