There may be a number of times in our life that we find stressful but one that affects many people is when they turn a year older. With each passing birthday, it seems as if it just gets more stressful and that is especially true when you flip over to the next decade. It seems as if the vicar is experiencing that problem. When it is revealed that she is about to have her birthday, the committee does what is to be expected, they start to guess how old she is. The problem is, they don’t quite get it right [More]
Each person is different and those differences may show up in many ways. We often see it in action when we are around others and sometimes it doesn’t have the most attractive results. That is especially true when money is concerned because it tends to bring out the worst in some people. Dibley is having a crisis. They are all losing their homes because of plans for a new reservoir but the vicar is planning on fighting those plans tooth and nail. The same can’t be said for David, who is thrilled that his property is going to fetch a [More]
When we try out for a part in a play, it can be a very exciting time in our life. More than likely, we take the time to learn the parts and we really throw ourself into it. We may even be up against some rather tough competition, so the better we do, the better chance we have of making the final cut. In Dibley, they were trying to put on a live nativity scene and one of the things that they needed were the three wise men, sometimes also referred to as three kings. The problem is, nobody seemed [More]
How many talent shows have you seen in your lifetime? More than likely, you can remember some from your youth and you might watch them on a regular basis on the telly. One thing is certain, they tend to be full of young hopefuls, and they sing, dance and show other talents that are rather amazing. That isn’t the case with the talent show in Dibley. As you can expect, there are going to be some funny things that take place and there might even be a surprise or two. When you see Owen on the stage to share a [More]
When we go to visit a friend, we might not be surprised to see that they are in the middle of something. That is especially true when we show up unannounced. When that happens, we often pitch in to help and it is just part of being a good friend. In this clip, Owen shows up to visit the Vicar and she is just about to carry groceries in from the car. She asks him if he would help but he wants to know what is in it for him! When he finally does agree to carry some of the [More]
Have you ever done anything in life that you later regret? Of course, all of us have and, at times, we may even look back on those moments years later and still shudder over what we did. Perhaps that is why we appreciate this clip from the Vicar of Dibley so much, because the Vicar is living out the consequences of one of those regretful moments. It all started when the Vicar agreed to give Owen a kiss, but she wasn’t expecting it to have this kind of an effect on him. He stopped by her house to return her [More]
We often remember some of the biggest events in our life, and it is not unusual for those events to be storms. In fact, they sometimes act as a touchstone and we often refer to them by names that we have given them along the way. In the case of large storms, they may even have a name, which is the case with hurricanes. Even if it is just a localized storm, it tends to be a noteworthy event. In this clip, we see Jim and Owen discussing a storm that happened the previous night. They start by comparing it [More]