Have you ever had the opportunity to be on the radio? It’s a rather interesting experience and, although people aren’t seeing you, it can still be unnerving. In this clip, the Dibley radio show is about to begin and they are filling the time slots. When the Vicar talks to Jim about his show, which is his moral maze, she would like to know what his subject is going to be. It seems odd to have him talk about the subject of morality but when he talks about having intimate relations with poodles, it shocks everyone. Of course, we get [More]
There are many traditions attached to a wedding, which is why we make sure to plan them out in advance. Many of those traditions involve the actual ceremony, such as being walked down the aisle or exchanging rings at the altar. There are some thing that take place after the wedding as well, and they help to make it complete. One of those traditions is tossing out the bouquet, and according to the tradition, whoever catches it is going to get married next. Alice Tinker is about to toss her flowers and the vicar is standing the in the background, [More]
There are so many different things to remember when it comes to the wedding that it can be difficult to keep them all in mind. That is why there is typically something that goes wrong in a wedding, even though it may have been planned months in advance. In this clip, it is Jim’s turn to be forgetful. As the best man, Jim has a few responsibilities but it isn’t anything that should take him by surprise. He is going to have to give the traditional best man toast and he will also bring the rings to the alter. He [More]
There are many details that need to be ironed out when it comes to our wedding day. That is why we often prepare for the day months in advance, because we want everything to be perfect. That is not only true of the venue and the flowers, it is especially true of the dress. When Alice was preparing to marry Hugo, she wanted to have the perfect wedding dress as well. Unfortunately, she had picked something out that was so unusual, it really brought David, her future father in law, to say some rather cruel things. That is when the [More]
When we are reaching a big event in our lives, it can be a little overwhelming. That is especially true when we are about to get married, because it is one of the biggest decision we will make in our lifetime. Not only do we have to put up with the possible stress of the day, we also get some advice from others. On the Vicar of Dibley, Hugo is getting some advice before he gets married to Alice. As well meaning as the advice may be, however, I can’t really say that it is the best advice ever given. [More]
There are certain things that a woman thinks of before she ever walks out of her home. More than likely, she tries to have everything in place, and that would include her makeup. In fact, some women would never consider being seen in public without it. If they forget to put it on, they will correct that situation as fast as possible. When the Vicar shows up for a special event, she suddenly realises that she doesn’t have any makeup on. Rather than stressing over the situation, she says that it isn’t a big deal and even has a cute [More]
When we watch a talent show, regardless of whether it is on the telly or in real life, we have certain expectations. One of the main things we look for is people who will want to show what they can do and they often do it brilliantly. In fact, they may just surprise us at times. Some people will sing and others will dance but when Dawn French is on the stage on the Vicar of Dibley, you can’t help but wonder what is going to take place. That is exactly what is happening in this clip, and she is [More]
How many talent shows have you seen in your lifetime? More than likely, you can remember some from your youth and you might watch them on a regular basis on the telly. One thing is certain, they tend to be full of young hopefuls, and they sing, dance and show other talents that are rather amazing. That isn’t the case with the talent show in Dibley. As you can expect, there are going to be some funny things that take place and there might even be a surprise or two. When you see Owen on the stage to share a [More]
When we are in the middle of a conversation, it may seem difficult to track where it is going at times. In fact, most conversations seem to take on a life of their own and before we know it, we are having a difficult time keeping up with them. That was the case with this conversation that took place when the committee got together at Dibley. They were talking about selling tickets but before you know it, things got off track. They were having quite an unusual talk but when Jim throws in something about selling tickets to serial killers, [More]
When we are facing a difficult situation, we often try to prepare ourselves to handle it in advance. Some of us may go so far as to practice in front of a mirror, but it is usually not going to work out quite as we had planned. After all, there are so many variables in any situation, it can be difficult to adjust. It appears as if the Vicar is in such a situation. She was recently proposed to by Owen, and it totally took her by surprise. Of course, she doesn’t want to marry him so she tries to [More]
When we are friends with somebody, we typically think that we know them quite well. At times, we may be comfortable with a little bit of intimacy with them but at other times, we realise that it is best left off of the table. That is the case with Owen, and the Vicar knows that she should keep her distance. Unfortunately, she let the moment get to her. When Owen is talking, he actually sounds as if he is somewhat civil and she decides that she is going to give him a proper kis. What she isn’t expecting, however, is [More]
When we think back on our lives, there are probably a few things that stand out in our minds. Perhaps we may remember the day we got married or the birth of our children but looking back even further, we might remember our first kiss. There was something magical about it and we often remember it with a smile. In this clip, Hugo and Alice are standing in front of each other when they are visiting the Vicar. They both want to kiss but neither of them feels as if they are able to make that move. Fortunately, they have [More]
When we go to visit a friend, we might not be surprised to see that they are in the middle of something. That is especially true when we show up unannounced. When that happens, we often pitch in to help and it is just part of being a good friend. In this clip, Owen shows up to visit the Vicar and she is just about to carry groceries in from the car. She asks him if he would help but he wants to know what is in it for him! When he finally does agree to carry some of the [More]
There are times when we might say something and, although we say it with the understanding that people know what we are saying, misunderstandings may take place. That is true in real life and it certainly is true on the Vicar of Dibley. In fact, it happens frequently and it is one of the reasons why we get the chance to laugh so often. In this clip, Alice Tinker is coming in to pay a visit to the Vicar, who is busy typing up the newsletter. Alice has something on her mind, and it takes the vicar by surprise. You [More]
There are so many different things to love about the Vicar of Dibley, it is difficult to pin down just one. It seems that the entire cast has something to add to the show and they play off of each other brilliantly. In this clip, we get to laugh from a character that, in my opinion, did not play near enough on the show; Mrs Cropley. She offers the Vicar a nibble of chocolate spread, and the Vicar even verified that it was, in fact, chocolate. After taking a bite, however, Cropley reveals that she had actually added a bit [More]
When the committee gets together on the Vicar of Dibley, it is difficult to know where things are going to go. We could often expect things to go off track, but we never really know who is going to take it there. Sometimes, it may be Jim and other times, it could be the Vicar herself. The this clip, however, it comes from a rather unexpected source, Mrs Cropley. When Mrs Cropley talks about going into London to see the dancers, nobody really gives it much of a thought. It is David Horton who leans over toward ask her if [More]
When we are around people on a regular basis, we may grow accustomed to seeing them in a certain setting. We don’t typically give much thought to the life that they may live when they are outside of our sight, and that can lead to some rather interesting situations. In this clip, the vicar and David Horton are going door-to-door so that he could make some campaign promises. One of the people that they visit while they are out and about is Jim, and he answers the door in much the same way as you would expect. What you are [More]
It can be quite interesting when you are out on the golf course. Some people go out to relax and enjoy a day off of work but other people are out there to make business contacts and to further their career. That is obviously the case with David Horton, who is entertaining a client by taking him on the community golf course. He is expecting a quiet day but the vicar had other ideas. As it turns out, Horton was trying to manipulate things as he typically does, but the vicar uses the visit to the golf course to help [More]
Have you ever been in the middle of a situation that just seems to get stranger as time goes by? Perhaps it may start out somewhat normally but when you take everything into consideration, things just don’t add up. It is something we may experience often and it certainly is something we see on the Vicar of Dibley regularly. In this scene, the vicar is working on the newsletter and Owen comes over to place an ad for a jigsaw puzzle. That seems normal but then you realise that Alice and Hugo are in the middle of a 4 hour [More]
Most of us realise that we should not mess in the affairs of others but sometimes, it is difficult to avoid it. That is especially true when we think we know what is best for them and they just don’t seem to be moving in the right direction. We may end up playing matchmaker, and it can lead to some uncomfortable situations. That is the case with the Vicar, and she is trying to play matchmaker between Alice and Hugh. Of course, Alice has had her eye on Hugo since day one and Hugo has also had some interest in [More]
Have you ever done anything in life that you later regret? Of course, all of us have and, at times, we may even look back on those moments years later and still shudder over what we did. Perhaps that is why we appreciate this clip from the Vicar of Dibley so much, because the Vicar is living out the consequences of one of those regretful moments. It all started when the Vicar agreed to give Owen a kiss, but she wasn’t expecting it to have this kind of an effect on him. He stopped by her house to return her [More]
Have you ever had one of those moments when it seems like you are doing the perfect thing but it turns out to be something that is strangely inappropriate? That is what happened on this episode of the Vicar of Dibley. The Vicar was about to appear on a radio show and Frank pickle decided he would suggest a song, although his choice of songs did not sit well with David Horton. The song that he suggested was Shaddap You Face, and even sang a few lines of in order to demonstrate his desire to hear it played on the [More]
We may, at times, find ourselves in a situation where we need to pull together and come up with a solution to a rather difficult problem. The problem may vary from one situation to another but the fact that people pull together and sometimes are successful in trying continues to keep us going. A problem is certainly occurred on the Vicar of Dibley, as a big storm came through the area on the previous night and broke the stained-glass window in the church. The unfortunate problem was, they discovered it was going to cost £11,000 to repair the window, which [More]
When we are in our normal surroundings, we may pay attention to what is taking place around us and what is in the room but once it is removed, we suddenly realise that we actually didn’t know what we were looking at in the first place. We tend to take things for granted and that can lead to some difficulties, especially when it comes to our ability to recollect what was there. The same thing is also happening on the Vicar of Dibley, and after the big storm broke the stained-glass window, they realised that it needed to be repaired. [More]