6-Year-Old Who Sings Like David Bowie Floors Dawn French On Little Big Shots

It doesn’t matter what child you are speaking of, they are going to have an adorable side. Many of us recognise this about our own children but there are also times when we may see it in other children as well. It looks like Dawn French is also discovering this, especially when it comes to 6 year old Thomas.

This took place on the set of Little Big Shots UK and Dawn is about to meet a young lad who is going to make her day. He is not only adorable looking in his space suit, he also is a master when it comes to David Bowie. He even performs one of his classics along with Dawn on the big sofa.

Young Thomas has a lot to say for a lad his age. Not only does he love David Bowie, he seems to have a passion for similar bands, such as the Rolling Stones. Perhaps my favourite part of it all, however, comes when it talks about life on Mars. You know, I think he may just be onto something there.