Dawn French Does Her Best Catherine Zeta Jones For Comic Aid 2005

If there is one thing that continues to amaze us about Dawn French, it is her ability to take on any character and to make us laugh at the way she does her impersonation. That is what she does brilliantly in this clip from Comic Aid 2005 and she is taking on none other than Catherine Zeta Jones. It is perfectly brilliant.

Over the years, Dawn’s impersonations have kept us in stitches. Sometimes she would do it with a sidekick, such as Jennifer Saunders. In fact, it seemed as if there was nobody who was safe from their funny attacks, and they would appear every now and again just to show the world that they had not lost it. This time she is taking on Jones on her own and when she walks out on stage, you could almost tell what she was doing, even before she said a word.

There have been many talented comedians over the years and most of us find them to be quite entertaining. We really need to tip our hats to Dawn French, however, because she will be making us laugh for many years to come.