9-Year-Old Boy Takes Dawn French By Surprise with His Jamaican Accent

It is always enjoyable to watch young children when they have unique talents. It seems as if they not only are able to do things brilliantly, they put their heart and soul into it as well. Sometimes, they may not have a talent such as dancing or singing but they still put on a show. That is the case with this young lad and he does something rather interesting.

His name is Demarjay and he is from the Bronx. He is visiting Dawn French on the Little Big Shots television show and he has something motivational to say to her. He talks about keeping in shape and maintaining your strength without weakness. Of course, Dawn fires back with her own motto, “Cake, no lettuce.” The two of them have a very interesting conversation.

One of the things about this young lad is the fact that he can speak with a perfect Jamaican accent. He gets it from his father, who is from the Caribbean. You will love to listen to this child and being motivated by everything that he has to say