Alice Reveals Her Special Gift From Her Dad – A Smurf

Many of us like to reminisce over things from our childhood. As we get older and continue to bring those memories up in our mind, they may become distorted to a certain extent. It’s a scientifically proven fact that it happens, but it happens more often with some people. It looks as if Alice is one of those individuals.

As the antique roadshow is getting ready to visit Dibley, everybody is getting something together so that they can have it evaluated and appraised. For Alice, it is a priceless item, a tiny Smurf that was given to her by her father. As the conversation continues to go on between Alice and the vicar, you even realize that her father is not so dead after all!

Memories can be something that comfort us or they can be something that cause us some concern. When we watch Alice recalling this memory from her childhood, however, it is something that puts a big smile on our face.