Antique Roadshow Comes To Dibley And Everyone Has Something To Show

You never quite know what is going to happen in Dibley and it seems as if they are always in the middle of something. That is no different in this particular clip, because antique roadshow has come to town. It is one of their favourite shows, and everybody turns out in force to make sure that they feel welcome and that they have plenty of things to appraise.

David ends up bringing out some of his better paintings, but he finds out they are not really worth what he thinks they are worth. In fact, he is out quite a bit of money, because he finds out quickly that many of them are fakes. It then goes over to Owen, and he wants to have an old trap appraised but he does it in his typical fashion.

Perhaps the funniest part comes when Jim pulls out some food and is expecting the woman to cook for him. As it turns out, he has the shows all mixed up!