David Gives The Vicar Her 10 Year Gift

When we have a special event coming up, we want to make sure that everything is just right. Sometimes, we will want to do something special in order to commemorate the occasion, and that is what David is trying to do in this clip.

The vicar is about to have her 10 year anniversary in Dibley and it is a very special occasion. In order to make sure that it is noticed properly, David goes over to the vicarage and talks to her about the type of gift she should get. It is quite a touching gesture.

The only problem is, the vicar has a different idea of what should be given as a gift. After all, David did say there was no limit to what she could ask, so she goes big. It is then you realise that David actually had his own idea of what to give the vicar, and it isn’t a car.