David Jumps The Gun And Punches A Painting

There are times when we may have some disappointing things happen in our life but it is always best if we don’t jump the gun and get ahead of ourselves. If we are patient, we may find that life actually rewards us but when we become impatient, there is no telling what might go wrong. It seems as if David is learning that lesson the hard way.

When the antique roadshow comes to Dibley, everybody has something that they would like to show and get appraised. David brings a few of his better paintings out but up until the point where this clip starts, he has met with nothing but disappointment. Things begin to change, however, when he brings the latest painting out but he doesn’t wait until he hears the good news.

In the end, David ends up overreacting at what is being said and we get a good laugh out of it. Of course, I’m sure that he would not be laughing very hard when he finds out what he just did.