Dawn Says No To Jim, Which Raises An Interesting Question

If you have watched the Vicar of Dibley for any length of time, you begin to learn about some of the personalities of the characters. Each of them has something funny that they do, but Jim Trott does something on a regular basis that never fails to make us laugh. He continues to say no over and over again, even when the answer is yes and it seems as if he can’t start a sentence without using the word no.

In this clip, he is visiting the vicarage for a very unusual reason. The Vicar is on her way up to bed when the doorbell rings and when she answers the doorbell, Jim is standing there and he is ready to propose marriage. It takes the Vicar by surprise and she says no repeatedly as an answer to him.

The funny thing is, Jim doesn’t know if she is actually saying no or if she is just leading into a yes. It takes a little bit clear this one up.