Frank Wants To Dye His Moustache

You never quite know what is going to happen when the committee gets together in Dibley. It seems as if they always discuss the most unusual things, and this particular day is no different. In fact, they are discussing something quite nice, as it is about supporting those who are poor and don’t have enough to eat.

The Vicar has a suggestion that they should put on a live aid show, and Frank is more than happy to stand in as Freddie Mercury. Everybody is quick to point out, however, that he doesn’t look anything like Mercury. He begs to differ, however, saying that he does look quite like him when he dyes his mustache.

This is just another example of how things tend to go in Dibley when they get together as a committee. It is perhaps one of our favorite parts of the show, and we are sure that you will laugh out loud at this exchange.