Jim And Owen Practice Their Wedding Song For The Vicar

There are many different things that take place on the wedding day that could be considered memorable. You have the walk down the wedding aisle, the toast by the best man and sometimes, you may even have some entertainment on the side. That is where Jim and Owen come in.

In order to commemorate the Vicar’s wedding in the best way they know how, they have planned a wedding song. As they sit and play it for the vicar, you can see that it wasn’t quite what she had in mind. In their typical style, however, they managed to come up with lyrics that were not only funny, they were brutally honest.

In the end, this wasn’t something that the vicar wanted played at her wedding but she couldn’t resist the fact that they tried their best. It is something that we get a good laugh at now, and an even bigger laugh when Jim actually sings it at the wedding.