Jim Takes A Walk Down Memory Lane With David

It can be quite enjoyable to take the time and reminisce with someone that we have known for many years. Sometimes, we are able to jog our memory and remember things that we may not have thought about for decades. When Jim got together with David before the committee meeting, they started talking about the old days as well.

After being together for a number of years, which we were privy to because of the television show, they certainly did have a lot to discuss. It seems as if David came up with one good memory after another but the only problem was, Jim couldn’t seem to remember any of them. Most of us, however, can remember them quite plainly.

Jim makes mention that he can remember things from his own life when he was a lot younger but he can’t remember things that happened recently. That is fairly common for people to lose their short-term memory but to hold onto memories that may be from their childhood.