Owen Plans For The Vicars Walk Down The Aisle

When the wedding is being planned, the bride typically has a clear picture of everything in her mind. She can envision the flowers that she will be holding, the trip to the chapel in a limousine and of course, she would imagine her walk down the aisle. It seems as if everything is just right in her mind but unfortunately, it doesn’t always go right in real life.

The vicar has been planning her wedding for many years but the members of the town took over the wedding plans and did everything for her. As she discusses her walk down the aisle, which Owen is planning, things take a rather unusual turn. It seems as if Owen is planning to theme the walk down the aisle after her favourite film, which just so happens to be Saving Pvt. Ryan.

Of course, the vicar wants to stop him from doing it but when he gives a bit of a sob story, she gives in and it is business as usual. The funniest part is the fact that he actually goes through with it at the end of this episode.