The Committee Tries To Guess The Vicar’s Age

There may be a number of times in our life that we find stressful but one that affects many people is when they turn a year older. With each passing birthday, it seems as if it just gets more stressful and that is especially true when you flip over to the next decade. It seems as if the vicar is experiencing that problem.

When it is revealed that she is about to have her birthday, the committee does what is to be expected, they start to guess how old she is. The problem is, they don’t quite get it right and Jim even starts guessing that she is 50 years old! Of course, she takes offense but only after some bantering takes place.

When you really stop to think about it, each day we turn a day older so there is no reason to really stress over a new year. Of course, you could never tell that to the vicar.