The Town Starts Planning The Vicar’s Wedding – Without Her

There are many exciting times in a person’s life but perhaps one of the most exciting is as the wedding day is approaching. It seems as if all of the planning comes together into a single batch and when it is done properly, the day is absolutely perfect. Of course, it doesn’t turn out that way for everyone.

When the vicar was planning her wedding, she was absolutely thrilled to do it. She even had saved wedding magazines and almost anything you can imagine to help her plan the perfect day. Unfortunately, the town members of Dibley have something up their sleeve, and it was not anything that the vicar could have imagined. It turns out that they wanted to plan a special day for her and she wasn’t going to have to do anything.

As they go from one town member to another, talking about the different things that would be done for the wedding, you can almost see the stress building on the vicar’s face. It was a kind thing to do, and in the end, she concedes to it.