The Vicar Is Turning 40 But Things Aren’t Going As Expected

When we get older, we tend to experience a wide range of emotions over turning certain ages. That is especially true when we change to a different decade, and having that number behind our name can be a little bit stressful. Both men and women struggle over this situation, but in this clip, it is the vicar who is struggling.

As it turns out, she is turning 40 and it is a very stressful time in her life. She seems to be getting a grip on things, however, and as she makes lunch for herself in the vicarage, she is listening to a radio show about a woman who is also turning 40. She applauds her for her strength and determination to continue.

As she walks out of the kitchen, the woman on the radio says something that certainly catches the Victor’s attention. She then turns back around and grabs the radio, but just wait till you see what she does with it.