The Vicar Tells A Lobster Joke To Alice And It Doesn’t Land

There are a lot of benefits to smiling and if you are able to laugh on a daily basis, the benefits may be extended even further. Many of us recognize that we feel better when we laugh but it is not only something that is in our head, it has been scientifically proven as well.

Many of us look for a way to laugh on a daily basis because it can help relieve stress and has both physical and mental benefits. Sometimes, all it takes is a good joke and the vicar is telling one that is sure to make you laugh. The only problem is, she is also telling it Alice and in true fashion, she just doesn’t get the punch line.

Fortunately, we get to see the situation from outside and it is interesting to watch as it unfolds in front of us. One thing is certain, Alice may never get the joke but we always get to laugh when we see it happening.