The Vicar Tries Her Hand At Speed Dating But She Wasn’t Expecting To See Owen

If there is one thing that all of us need, it is companionship. Some of us may remain single for the rest of our life, but we still desire companionship in some way or another. For some, being single is more of a struggle and they may have a difficulty meeting other people. That is the case with the vicar, but things are changing in this clip.

In celebration of her 40th birthday, the committee bought her a ticket for a speed dating night. Things go well in the first room, but they suddenly turn south from that point forward. Any of you who have ever tried speed dating in the past recognize that it can be quite difficult, especially when you don’t see what is coming next.

The vicar is determined to have a good time, and she throws open the next door with eager anticipation over the “real man” who is waiting on the inside. It is then that the reality of everything hits her, and wait till you see who is waiting there.