The Vicar Warns Everyone To Be Quiet But Owen Pays The Price

Have you ever had something serious to say and it seems as if nobody wants to be quiet long enough to hear it? It can be quite a frustrating experience and at times, we feel as if it is necessary to retaliate when the rules aren’t followed. That is obviously what is going on in this meeting at the vicarage.

The vicar is having everyone gather around the computer so that she can discuss something serious. She tells them all that they need to be quiet, and even warns them that they will experience severe pain if they don’t pay attention to that single rule. That is when Owen decides he can whisper, but he ends up paying the price in the end.

There are many things to appreciate about this show, but one thing is the unexpected humor that sometimes takes place. That is certainly the case in this clip, and I’m sure that you won’t see it coming but it is funny once you see it.