French and Saunders at the Bus Stop

We have often seen Dawn French and her partner, Jennifer Saunders in some rather unusual situations. Through it all, however, they give us the opportunity to laugh and we love them for it. Sometimes, they may be doing a parody on a famous singer and at other times, they may just be playing some random strangers sitting at a bus stop. In this skit, they are the latter and it is brilliant.

I think all of us who have ever been at a bus stop realise just how uncomfortable it can be. I’m not really talking about the seats, which are certainly uncomfortable, I’m also talking about the need to hold a conversation with someone we don’t want to know. It appears as if Dawn has found her way into such a situation and she does everything she can to avoid conversation. When she does have one, it is the most uncomfortable thing we could imagine.

I think there are a number of reasons why we have come to love Dawn French. Not only is she a brilliant comedian, as she can even make her partner laugh, we can see a lot of ourselves in these situations as well.

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