A very starstruck Dawn French

When it comes to people who are famous, we often feel as if the world is quite different for them. We get to see them on the stage or perhaps on the telly and it seems as if they just go from one impressive event to another and it really isn’t a big deal for them. The fact is, however, even celebrities have their favourites, and you get to see it come to life in this clip.

Dawn French was being interviewed on the Parkinson’s show a number of years ago along with her comedic partner, Jennifer Saunders. With as famous as these two women are, you would think that they wouldn’t have a problem being around other celebrities but that isn’t the case. Poor Dawn was sitting beside Tom Jones and she was so star struck over being close to him that she couldn’t even look in his direction.

Many of us appreciate the ability that Dawn French has to make us laugh. It is something that we appreciate and we certainly do take advantage of it any opportunity we can. She will always be a funny lady and it is nice to know that she is just like us as well.

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