An Incredible Dawn French Interview

Most of us think about comedy when we think about Dawn French and for good reason. She has spent her adult life making people laugh, regardless of whether it is on television, on the stage or at the films. It is a gift that she has and she is more than willing to share it with others. Of course, we all have our favourite when it comes to her funny business, but it is her diversity that really makes her a unique individual.

Not only is Dawn French able to be funny when she is performing, she is quite funny as an individual as well. We get to see the entire range of emotion, however, in this brilliant interview that was done in association with Falmouth University. Dawn French was named the Chancellor at the University and she even admits that she had never been a Chancellor before! Of course, in this brilliant interview, she does weave in some comedy but there is also a lot of straight talk as well.

The more we know about Dawn French, the more we recognise her amazing talent and her ability to give something to mankind that they really need. We hope that she continues to do so for a very long time.

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