Cher And Dawn French Discuss Lookalikes On The Graham Norton Show

It seems like all of us run into some type of look-alike every once in a while. Perhaps it is somebody who looks like a relative and they may be such a dead ringer that we even make the mistake ourselves. Then again, we may hear that somebody looks an awful lot like us. In either case, it can make you feel just a little bit strange when you think that there is a duplicate out there somewhere.

When Cher and Dawn French were on the Graham Norton show, they began discussing look-alikes. In the case of Cher, it was the fact that she was mistaken for a look-alike, because there are so many different people who try to imitate her look. For Dawn French, however, it was a look-alike on a popular talent show and the way that the two of them looked was rather amazing.

Although we may not be a celebrity and have people try to imitate our look on purpose, it happens in life sometimes. Meeting our look-alike can be rather disconcerting but, then again, it can also help us realise just how small the world really is.

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