David Campbell interviews the hilarious Dawn French

There are many of us who really appreciate Dawn French and what she is able to bring to our lives. It seems as if she just has a unique ability to make us laugh, and we love the fact that she can do it so easily. It doesn’t matter if she is doing a stand up comedy routine on stage or if she is playing the part on a sitcom, she is brilliant in her abilities.

When we stop to think about what she is able to do, we may think that she is only funny because she has a lot of writers in her corner or perhaps because of her supporting staff. It certainly is true that she has played alongside some of the most brilliant minds in comedy but when you see her one on one, you really learn about her as a person.

In this interview by David Campbell, Dawn French opens up about her career and you get to see some of her funniest moments being played in front of you. It really is nice to see her in such a candid light and it just makes us appreciate her even more than we already do.

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