Dawn French Discusses Erotica and Weight with Loose Women

There certainly are many funny individuals, but Dawn French tends to be at the lead of the list for those of us who really have an appreciation for her type of humour. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter if she is doing a standup routine on her own, appearing somewhere with Jennifer Saunders or if she is doing an interview, it seems as if the laughs start early and they just keep coming.

From time to time, we find that a conversation with Dawn French takes a rather unusual turn and that is what we experience when we saw her speaking to the hosts on Loose Women. This brilliant chat show had her on board and rather than just having her do some normal comedy routines, they begin to talk to her about erotica. As it turns out, Dawn French knows a lot about the subject and she is even rather brilliant at writing it.

Many of us tend to think of Dawn French as the queen of comedy, but it seems as if she has a lot of other hidden talents as well. This look into the private life of Dawn French is quite interesting, and it just makes us appreciate her all that much more.

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