Dawn French Does A Brilliant Imitation Of Amy Winehouse

We have seen Dawn French in a number of amazing roles over the years, but perhaps she is at her best when she is not quite herself. Of course, I’m not talking about her feeling poorly, I’m talking about her imitation of people, both famous and infamous. It just seems to be something that makes us laugh because she is able to take on any persona brilliantly.

In this clip, she is taking on Amy Winehouse, who was an English singer and songwriter. She was known for her rather unique singing voice, as well as for being in the news for a number of personal reasons as well. Those not only included her relationships, it also included some problems with mental illness, violence and difficulties with the paparazzi. In this short video clip, you can see Dawn imitating her in the best way possible.

Dawn French has an ability that we absolutely love, and that is the ability to make us laugh. It seems as if it doesn’t matter what she is doing, we begin laughing soon as she shows up on the scene.

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