Dawn French Installed as New Chancellor of Falmouth University

When we think of Dawn French, most of us think about her abilities as a comedienne. It doesn’t matter if she is playing a part on the telly, such as the Vicar of Dibley or if she is doing a standup routine with Jennifer Saunders, we almost start laughing before we can watch the show. In this video, however, you get to see a different side of Dawn French and it is one that just makes you love her even more.

Dawn French was installed formally at the new chancellor of Falmouth University. You get to see the ceremony, which is not quite what you would think of when you think about Dawn, but once you begin hearing her speak, you will know that she fits into the role quite well. She is still a very funny lady but she is taking her new role very seriously, and that is easy to see.

Students from the University designed her robes, and they are quite dignified. She had the following to say about the outfit: “Honestly I couldn’t be more delighted, it’s a very modern shape, very contemporary and I’ve got a crown. It’s so beautiful, I couldn’t be doing with those Tudor bonnets that people wear. Honestly I think they make everyone look a bit like a hobbit.”


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