Dawn French kissing Bear Grylls Upside Down

There have been many brilliant chat show hosts over the years, and there is something that we appreciate about the shows which is why continue to watch them. Not only do they put on interesting skits from time to time, they have guest stars that give us a sneak peek behind the scenes in the lives of celebrities. One of the chat show hosts that we truly appreciate is Graham Norton, and you never know who is going to be on the stage with him.

For those of us who watch the Graham Norton show on a regular basis, we realise that he can really get to the root when he is talking to a celebrity. Then again, he’s not afraid to have a little bit of fun and that is especially true when he has Dawn French on the set. As a matter of fact, things can quickly get out of hand!

When Dawn French is on the chat show this time, she is discussing upside down kissing and that scene from Spiderman. As it turns out, Bear Grylls is also on the set and Dawn French is all too happy to reenact the scene with him. Of course, things don’t go quite as smoothly as possible but Dawn is able to get beyond it brilliantly.

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