Dawn French on Jonathon Ross

We often look at celebrities as if they are the most unusual people but when you stop to really take a look at them, they are just like the rest of us. Of course, there are not very many ways that you can get a close look at their lives but thankfully, we do have the chat shows. Without them, we wouldn’t really see much of those celebrities, other than what we see on the stage or on the telly.

In this clip, you get to see one of the funniest women who has ever lived talking candidly on a chat show. Of course, when it is Jonathon Ross who is asking the questions, you know you are going to learn a lot about the person sitting in the chair beside them. This clip shows Dawn French being interviewed and he is able to get her to talk about things you may not have known before.

Jonathon Ross is well known for his abilities as a chat show host. Dawn French is knows for her ability to make us laugh. That isn’t only true of her stand up comedy, she also is quite a funny lady when she is being interviewed as well.

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