Dawn French Plays A Airline Stewardess In This Culinary Comedy Capers Scoff

When most of us think about Dawn French, we think about her brilliant comedy. Some of her more famous work include the French and Saunders Show, where she played alongside Jennifer Saunders and the Vicar of Dibley. As we begin to look into her carreer further, we start to see that those parts were only scratching the surface of what this funny woman was able to do, and this little skit is no exception.

This skit is from a very funny comedy could show that was played in the UK in the 1980s. In this particular episode, there were many different interesting people included, and Dawn French made an appearance as well. Most people appreciate the fact that she is first taking part in the safety procedures before a flight, something that is most of the time quite dull but she gives it a pizzazz that certainly makes it interesting. She then begins checking the food for the flight.

Dawn French has an amazing way of taking an ordinary situation and making us laugh at it. After watching little skits, such as this, we may never look at those ordinary things the same way again.

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