Dawn French Talks about Writing Saucy Scenes

There are certain people that make us smile when they walk into a room. Perhaps they are a close friend of ours and it seems like they always have something funny to say. It may also be a family member that makes us feel comfortable when they are nearby. At times, however, there is someone who is famous and, although we may not see them in person, they still have the ability to make us feel good when we see them on TV.

For many of us, Dawn French is just such a personality and it seems that she can make us smile before she even begins telling a joke. It is even funny to watch her give an interview, because she laces some humour in with almost everything she says. In this interview, she is discussing her one-woman show and she also talks about the Absolutely Fabulous film. It isn’t until she begins talking about doing some writing, however, that things really heat up.

It seems as if Dawn French is not only a funny woman, she could also do some serious writing as well. Of course, that writing is part of some saucy scenes and when Dawn begins talking about them, we can hardly contain our laughter.

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