Dawn French Turns Into A Giant On The Graham Norton Show

You never quite know what is going to happen when you appear on a chat show. Sometimes, things may go rather well and you are really only there to give an interview. At other times, however, you might find that things take a rather unusual turn and before you know it, you are just improvising your way through it. When that takes place, it is best if you just put on a smile and roll with it.

When Dawn French went on the Graham Norton Show to promote her own book, she probably thought she would basically be taking part in a question and answer session. It isn’t long, however, before the chat show host excuses her and instructs her to go sit on a blue screen prop. What happens next is a little bit of film magic.

Suddenly, Dawn appears between the other guests but she does so at a much larger size. As she is sitting there, it really does appear as if she was a giant. In fact, the effect is even made larger when she presents him with a giant copy of her new book before she returns to normal size.

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