Dawn French’s 30 Million Minutes Show

Most of us go through our day-to-day lives without really thinking much about what is taking place around us. Most people tend to ignore us as we are going about our business, but that is not always true of everyone. When you’re a celebrity, it seems like you are always in the public spotlight and it doesn’t matter what you are doing, somebody is going to be there to watch you and to make a comment about it.

Some celebrities love being in the spotlight but others have a difficulty with the lack of privacy. When it comes to Dawn French, she is one of those individuals that just seems to be recognised anywhere that she goes and she has capitalized on that fact. In her solo show, 30 million minutes, she pulls off something that is absolutely hilarious and you are going to enjoy the fact that she has done it.

A man sees her in traffic and asks her to roll down her window. Immediately, she goes on the defensive and becomes upset that he has interrupted her privacy in the car. She gives him a piece of her mind, only to find out that he was actually just trying to let her know her coat was stuck in the door.

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