Dawn French’s Rusty Flirting Technique

It is always interesting to see someone famous being interviewed, especially when they are well known by many people. We get accustomed to seeing them on their television show or in the films, playing their part but in reality, that isn’t always who they are. As they are being asked questions about their personal life, you suddenly begin to realise that they aren’t all that different from you and me.

That is the case with Dawn French, and you are about to see a side of her that you may not have seen before. She was appearing on the Graham Norton Show and she was discussing flirting and dating. It is truly amazing to see her opening up on these subjects and talking about things that just seem a bit out of her character. In the end, you get to learn something very interesting about her.

Dawn French is a funny woman, of that we have no doubt. It seems that she is not only a funny woman when her part is prepared, she is also funny when she is just having a conversation as well. Seeing her in this way really makes us love her even more.

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