Dawn Talks About Her Latest Bestseller According To Yes

“According to Yes” is Dawn French’s latest bestseller released in hardback in October of 2015. In this video clip, she talks about how she writes and gives us a little insight into the real person as opposed to her wonderful characters that we all know and love so well.

Being Dawn and even though this is supposed to be a serious interview about all things literary you just know that she won’t be able to resist making some funny comments and exoressions it’s just inbuilt in her, and needless to say, she doesn’t disappoint. For those who don’t know when you watch the video Plymouth Argyle is a football team, whom Dawn supports fervently.

What we learn from this video is an insight into how Dawn creates her work, both in terms of imagination and the writing process, and the physical act of writing. She doesn’t use a computer and sticks with a pencil and lined paper, admitting that anything that gave her the opportunity to be distracted would be taken. This doesn’t surprise me, as I imagine with Dawn it is all about fun and laughter and any opportunity to mess about would be gleefully accepted. As a consequence, she forces herself to work office hours and stay from all distractions. For fans of our beloved Dawn, this is a wonderful little insight and enables us to learn that little bit more about our favourite comedian.

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