Five Minutes With Dawn French

There are many of us who would like the opportunity to speak with a celebrity. If we had a little time with them, we could talk to them and see who they really were; not just who we saw when they were performing. For example, what if you could spend a few minutes with Dawn French? What would you ask and how would you spend the time?

Fortunately, we do get the opportunity do spend some time with her, even if we only get to do so vicariously. In this clip, we spend 5 minutes with Dawn and what we learn in that short time is amazing. It is part of a series from the BBC news website and is hosted by Matthew Stadien. He speaks with different celebrities and he does so for only 5 minutes, no more, no less. What he is able to get out of Dawn is amazing.

As it turns out, Dawn French is a very funny lady. Of course, we already knew that but it just helps to see what she is like behind the scenes as well. She can make us laugh, no matter what she is doing.

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