French & Saunders do Winehouse and Spears

When it comes to comedy, there are really many different ways that you could approach the subject. Some of us appreciate a good standup routine, having somebody up in front of us telling jokes or doing funny skits. Others may appreciate watching television or perhaps a film when the subject matter is funny. In any case, Dawn French bring something special to these different types of comedy, especially when she is teamed up with Jennifer Saunders.

Sometimes, it is not only comedy that is funny but reality can be a type of comedy all to itself. When that is the case, it is a sure target for the team of French and Saunders and they have teamed up in this video clip to poke a little fun at a team of famous singers, Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse. You will not believe how funny it is until you actually see it unfolding in front of you.

At times, Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse wrote their own material, as far as the ridiculous is concerned. It landed them on the front pages of many tabloids and in the case of this video clip, allowed French and Saunders to do their very best!

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