Ruby Wax and Dawn French – Very Funny

When we see Dawn French on the stage or on TV, she appears to be cool, calm and collected. It seems as if every line is delivered perfectly and everything is done with such precision that we couldn’t ever imagine her being nervous over going out and performing. Like many people, however, she does get nervous before a performance. It is a natural part of a talented person’s life, and one that she has some fun with in this brilliant clip.

This was taken from The Full Wax, a TV series that had Ruby Wax hosing a wide variety of famous and funny individuals. Ruby is an actress, lecturer and mental health campaigner. She is knows for films and TV shows, such as Chariots of Fire and Girls on Top, along with The Full Wax. On this episode, she was hosting Dawn French and they were having a rather interesting conversation in the loo.

Dawn was ready to go out to perform but she was having a terrible time pulling it together. That is when Ruby Wax steps in to give her some advice. Although Dawn takes th advice to heart, it doesn’t quite turn out like she had expected.

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