The Dawn French Talk Show?

Many of us enjoy watching the chat shows on TV. When you see them, you never quite know what is going to happen and the funny thing is, the chat show host may not know what is going to happen either. Although the show is taped before it is put on the air, they often leave in some of the surprises that may come up during the taping. This video takes a chat show and turns it on its head.

We all love the comedy of Dawn French and all that she is able to bring to the table. Watching her do any skit is sure to put a smile on your face but when she is taking on the persona of “Dawn” who is actually Vanessa, it is funnier than you can imagine. Of course, it helps that she is taking on a subject that is quite interesting in and of itself.

The subject is men who submit to a talking penis and men who put their entire arm up the rear end of farm animals. I can’t imagine a funnier subject and when she tells it, it is practically perfect. It’s impossible not to laugh.

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