French and Saunders – Still Alive Tour – Ab Fab Sketch

What is the first thing that you do after you come home from a hard day at work? If you are like most people, you want nothing more than to stretch out on the sofa and to forget about the day. The easiest way for you to do this is to turn on the telly and watch a little bit of comedy. One of our favourite comedy shows has been and always will be Absolutely Fabulous, but did you realise where the show got its start?

Jennifer Saunders does a wonderful job of playing on the show, and while it was still on the air, it certainly did give us the opportunity to laugh on a regular basis. We can still catch it on reruns from time to time and Jennifer Saunders is just as funny today as she ever was before. In reality, it was more than Jennifer Saunders who created the show that she started, it was also Dawn French.

If you are somebody that loves Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders or the Absolutely Fabulous sitcom, this is a must see video. It shows the original sketch from the French and Saunders Still Alive Tour, and it is absolutely brilliant.

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