Vicar Of Dibley: Dawn French To Return For New Red Nose Day Special

Though the years, we have seen Dawn French playing in quite a few memorable roles. Some of them we watched on the telly, others were on the stage but through it all, she gave us the opportunity to laugh, sometimes until we cried. Out of all of her appearances, we perhaps enjoy the Vicar of Dibley more than them all. The show had a marvelous run, from 1994 until the final episode, in 2007.

Needless to say, we all miss Dawn French playing the part of Geraldine Granger in the Vicar of Dibley. There has been some rumors that have gone around from time to time about the show coming back but for now, it is still off the air. We do get the chance to laugh at those shows again, including when Dawn did a Dibley sketch for Red Nose Day. It left us laughing and wanting more.

Will they ever bring the show back again? That remains to be seen, but we do know that, from time to time, she does bring the routine out for a comedy show. Regardless of their decision, we still have online videos, and we can laugh at them over and over again.