Behind the Scenes with French and Saunders

When talented individuals get the opportunity to take their talents and go on tour, it can really be a lot of fun for them. It’s a time in their lives that they will never forget and for those of us who are able to enjoy what they do, we remember it for a long time as well. That is the case with Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. They are well known for their comedy and have often taken it on the road.

One of their memorable tours is the “Still Alive Tour” and when you see any part of it, you will recognise the raw talent that these women have. It is quite funny to watch them when they are on stage telling one joke after another and it gives us something that we love, they give the gift of laughter. Of course, there is a lot of time between shows, and that is what this video brings to you.

When you see French and Saunders behind the scenes in this unique video, you will come to realise something about them. Yes, they do have the ability to make us laugh when they are performing but they also are quite funny when they the spotlight is not on them as well.

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