Dawn and Jen Playing Car Park Attendants

If there is one thing that many of us recognise about Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, it is the fact that they can transform themselves into almost anything that is necessary to play a role. At one moment, they may be poking fun at a celebrity, such as Cher or Madonna but before you know it, they are someone completely different. In this clip, they play a rather unexpected pair and it is quite funny to watch.

In this clip, they play car park attendants, and you are going to be amazed with how they are able to transform into the role. It is brilliant, and something that makes us appreciate their abilities even more. After all, who would be better to play a couple of crusty old me caring for a car park than two female comedians? They certainly are able to bring a lot of flavour to the part.

When Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders play a part, you can be sure you are going to laugh at their antics. On their own, they are able to handle things quite well but when you put them together, they just seem to play off of each other so well that you can’t stop laughing.

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