French and Saunders Cat Food Commercial

When most of us think about Dawn French, we are likely to first think about her in a role, such as what she played in the Vicar of Dibley. We might also think about some of the comedy she has done over the years, and she certainly has done her fair share of standup as well. For those of us who really know Dawn French, however, we think about the partnerships she has forged, especially with Jennifer Saunders.

Over the years, French and Saunders have put together some very funny routines. In most cases, they are poking fun at someone, regardless of whether it is someone famous, such as Madonna or perhaps they are just playing a random part. In either case, they do what they do brilliantly and they certainly are a team that can make us laugh. This little skit is no different.

When we watch the telly, we are going to be exposed to a variety of commercials. Some of those adverts are going to be funny, others serious. In this skit, French and Saunders take on a cat food advert and the way they do it will absolutely have you laughing out loud.