French & Saunders – Chocolate Police Sketch

There are some comedy teams that we enjoy watching and it doesn’t matter how many times we see them, they still have the ability to put a huge smile on our face. That certainly is the case with Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders and when they are on the stage together, there is nothing stopping them from doing the craziest things possible. That can clearly be seen in this sketch from their Live Tour 2000.

In this particular skit, Jennifer Saunders is playing the straight man but Dawn French is playing the part of the chocolate police. As a matter of fact, it starts very early in the sketch with Dawn French showing up on the stage in a funny hat, glasses and mustache. Of course, Jennifer Saunders does not seem amused but that just adds to the overall comedy that you are seeing unfold before you.

It’s hard to believe that live tour 2000 happened over 15 years ago. Fortunately, it did happen and it gives us the opportunity to look back on some of the funniest comedy that has ever been shown in front of us. It is nice that we have these videos to reflect on and to keep us laughing.

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