French and Saunders Discuss Contraception

More than likely, you have a favourite comedian that is always able to make you laugh. They seem to be able to pull us up out of the darkest mood and put a smile on our face, regardless of how we are feeling. That is the case with the comedy team of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. They just seem to find a way to make any situation seem funny and we love them for it.

If you have watched French and Saunders in action in the past, you realise that it is not out of character for them to discuss some fairly off topics. Those topics may be unusual but they all have something in common, the are able to make us laugh. Sometimes, however, they manage to hit on a subject that is familiar to us and when they do, we get a new perspective of it.

In this clip, French and Saunders are having a rather private discussion on contraception. They meet and when Saunders admits she is going to the doctors for that reason, they just start hitting on one joke after another. If you aren’t laughing out loud when this is finished, you might want to get your laugh checked.