French & Saunders – Foreign Languages

There are many different things that we may attempt in life. It is always interesting, for instance, to learn something new and although we may stop the official education when we finish with school, our education in life never ends. It looks as if Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are getting together to enhance their minds as well by taking some language lessons. The only problem is, it is so absolutely hilarious, it is difficult to get through them.

Of course, anytime Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders get together, you really can’t help but laugh at their antics. In this particular skit, they are going back and forth about learning Italian and different languages and as they continue to move through the skit, you will find that you are laughing louder and louder. It all ends up in a hilarious crescendo with a special surprise at the end of the skit.

Learning languages can be done in a number of different ways and there are various types of software that help people to learn languages quickly. It has also been shown that moving while you are learning helps you to learn more quickly as well. I think these two could probably use a little bit of that direction.